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Walk the plank!

Susan Tixier

Riccio, Cositore, and Dissolving the Village of Malone

They’re Back!

Exposed in Malone

A Lesson on Neighborhood

“The Wrong Way to Get to Green” (Wall St Journal)

Sullivan Superman?

Town Councilor regrets High Sheldon Wind Farm (Sheldon, NY)

The farm girl from Lawrenceville

He plays with big toys

Rock Star? Malone?

“Liens R Us”

Flanagan: “Dear Frank”

Booze at County Fair


Nancy Reich

“No C.R.A.P. for me, thank you!”

Job losses are scarier now

Bust the Postmaster General

Some Good Wead

Obama & FDR: “Are we becoming the United Socialists of America?”

FDR and the Great Depression: Lessons from a Revolutionary President

National Wind Watch supports European call for wind energy moratorium

Dirty truth about “clean” windpower? What the critics are saying

“She didn’t count on the noise”

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”

Industrial Wind Turbines for New York?

Local Bailout Package for Malone

New School Blues

Old Salt

Beyond the Bailout State

Beggars Banquet

Johnson wins big!

Malone’s New School: Part 1

Feds release Noble production figures

Is Noble flipping ownership?

Terrestrial Energy?

The return of Don Quixote

Albert Johnson: Next Supervisor?

“The Night of the Living Dead”: An Exceptionally Scary Halloween Story

Connie Jenkins, Editor, Malone Telegram

Endless War

Noble Clinton & Ellenburg Windparks

“Wind power statistics often wrong”

“Leaders must be beyond reproach”

Dear Zuckie

“Wind energy bumps into power grid’s limits”

“In rural New York, windmills can bring whiff of corruption”

“Windmills split town and families”

“Corruption allegations swirl around push for wind power”

Attorney General Cuomo subpoenas Noble Environmental Power

Malone Raceway?

“The Petro-Manipulators”

Hard Times

Nina Pierpont, Wind Turbine Syndrome (Santa Fe: K-Selected Books, 2008)

“I am writing with your town on my heart”

Wind blowing rhetoric our way: A response to the Press Republican

Noble and GAWD (The Great American Wind Dogma)

Wind developers avoid taxes & damage property value

Burke wind lease map

Birds returning, frogs waking up: A (nearly) daily guide to what’s back in Malone and nearby

Fly fishing the Salmon

The Brownsville diaries: A Wisconsin family’s day-to-day life with wind turbine noise

Town Law Manual and Model Code of Ethics

Where the buck stops

Burke bought and paid for?

The Natural: A true story

Spanish wind developer attempting to take over NYS electricity infrastructure

Peace on earth


Once upon a time, 500 million years ago

A pediatrician’s advice on ADHD

ADHD: Does it really exist?

ADHD: Does it really exist? Part II

Attention Disorders: In one ear and out the other

ADHD: Look before you leap

What elephants teach us about children

Mapping the world onto the brain

Childhood experience and lifelong health

Autism from the inside

Letters to the editor

Mirror neurons and autism


Play + Therapy = Theraplay

Sick of poverty

TV, video games, and kids

Punished by rewards

The genius of inner motivation

Warbler wave

Plan B: Collaborative problem solving

Try collaborative problem solving

A pediatrician’s advice to parents considering adopting a child from a Russian orphanage